China best Air Compressors Compressor 3-in-1 Combined with Tank for Smelting, Refining, Coke Oven Gas Recovery 11bar 53cfm 11/15kw/HP small air compressor

China Best Air Compressors Compressor 3-in-1 Combined with Tank for Smelting, Refining, Coke Oven Gas Recovery 11bar 53cfm 11/15kw/HP Small Air Compressor

The China Best Air Compressors Compressor 3-in-1 Combined with Tank is a high-quality and efficient air compressor designed for various industrial applications. With a maximum pressure of 11bar and a delivery rate of 53cfm, this small air compressor delivers exceptional performance. It is equipped with an 11/15kw/HP motor, providing reliable power for smelting, refining, and coke oven gas recovery processes.

Product Description

Our air compressors are widely used in different industries, including power generation, semiconductor, shipbuilding, oil field, rubber, food, pharmacy, packaging, electronics, communication, cement, glass, chemical, textile, papermaking, gas, and oil refining. These compressors are designed to provide exceptional value, ultimate reliability, efficiency, and flexibility.

Features of Tank Mounted Screw Air Compressor

How can a compressed air system help you increase profitability? The answer is simple: by ensuring the highest productivity while reducing the total cost of ownership. Our tank mounted screw air compressor offers the following features:

1. Ultimate Reliability

  • AirHorse is confident in the performance of these compressors, offering extended warranty packages for maximum operating security.
  • Smart integration eliminates leaks and pressure drops, ensuring maximum reliability.

2. Ultimate Efficiency

  • Delivers more air for less horsepower, saving thousands of dollars per year on energy.
  • Eliminates wasteful unloaded running by cycling the compressor on/off.

3. Ultimate Flexibility

  • Simplified, easy-to-maintain structure and long-life components provide trouble-free operation.
  • Compact machine design requires minimum working space.

Smart Integration

1. A Revolutionary Advancement

Our smart integration goes beyond combining

Performance Characteristics of Gas Air Compressor

High Efficiency

Gas air compressors are known for their high efficiency, allowing them to deliver powerful performance in various applications. Thanks to their design and advanced technology, these compressors can effectively convert gas energy into compressed air, ensuring optimal productivity and performance.

Compact Size

Gas air compressors are designed to be compact, making them suitable for limited space environments. Their small size allows for easy installation and portability, enabling users to conveniently move them from one location to another as needed.


Gas air compressors offer a wide range of applications across various industries. Whether it’s in the Oil and Gas Industry, Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, Power Generation, Manufacturing and Industrial Processes, or even Medical and Healthcare fields, gas air compressors prove to be invaluable tools in ensuring smooth operations and reliable performance.


Gas air compressors are known for their reliability and durability. With proper maintenance and care, these compressors can provide long-term and consistent performance, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth workflow in various industries.

Low Noise and Vibration

Gas air compressors are designed to operate with minimal noise and vibration levels. This makes them suitable for environments where noise pollution and vibrations need to be minimized, such as hospitals, laboratories, and residential areas.

Types and Characteristics of Gas Air Compressor

Reciprocating Gas Air Compressor

Reciprocating gas air compressors operate by using pistons to compress the gas. They are known for their high efficiency and ability to handle high-pressure applications. These compressors are often used in industries that require heavy-duty operations and continuous air supply.

Rotary Screw Gas Air Compressor

Rotary screw gas air compressors use two interlocking helical rotors to compress the gas. They are known for their smooth and continuous operation, making them ideal for applications requiring a steady flow of compressed air. These compressors are often used in manufacturing processes, automotive industry, and construction sites.

Centrifugal Gas Air Compressor

Centrifugal gas air compressors use centrifugal force to compress the gas. They are known for their high flow rates and ability to handle large volumes of compressed air. These compressors are often used in power generation plants, refineries, and chemical industries.

Advantages of Gas Air Compressor Made of Different Materials

Steel Gas Air Compressor

Steel gas air compressors offer durability and strength, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications. They can withstand high pressure and harsh operating conditions, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.

Aluminum Gas Air Compressor

Aluminum gas air compressors are lightweight and corrosion-resistant. They are often used in portable applications where mobility is essential. These compressors are also known for their energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements.

Composite Gas Air Compressor

Composite gas air compressors combine the advantages of different materials, such as high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and reduced noise levels. They are often used in industries where weight, noise, and vibration are critical factors.

Future Development Trends and Opportunities of Gas Air Compressor Products

Gas air compressor products are expected to witness significant growth in the coming years. As industries continue to evolve and demand more efficient and sustainable solutions, gas air compressors offer a promising future. The development of advanced technologies, such as IoT integration, energy-saving features, and smart control systems, will drive the market forward. Additionally, the increasing focus on renewable energy sources and environmental regulations will create opportunities for the development of eco-friendly gas air compressors.

How to Choose a Suitable Gas Air Compressor

When choosing a gas air compressor, several factors should be considered:

Clear Requirements

Define your specific requirements, such as desired airflow, pressure, and power source, to ensure the compressor meets your needs effectively.

Material Selection

Consider the material of the compressor based on the application and environment. Factors such as corrosion resistance, weight, and durability should be evaluated.

Design Optimization

Look for compressors with optimized designs that enhance efficiency, reduce noise levels, and improve overall performance.

Suppliers and After-Sales Service

Choose reputable suppliers who offer reliable products and excellent after-sales service, ensuring prompt support and maintenance when needed.


Evaluate the long-term cost-effectiveness of the compressor, considering factors such as energy efficiency, maintenance requirements, and lifespan.

Quality Control

Ensure the compressor meets industry standards and certifications, indicating its quality and reliability.

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