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Agricultural Lawn Mower Gearbox EP-140

The same is true when you’re moving in wet, muddy conditions. You need a lawnmower that lets you traverse obstacles, not just spin the wheels, or get you stuck on slopes. You need a lot of power and torque to move while maintaining grip. However, when you accelerate, you need less torque to keep going.

The lawnmower transmission transmits power from the engine to the wheels and is responsible for managing the speed of the vehicle by changing its torque according to conditions.

Ratio 1:1.5/1:1.93
Teeth 21/14 27/14
Module  5.7 /5.64
Power(HP) 60
Rated Input 540rpm
Input/Output Description 1-3/8 Z6 Taper spline
Weight(N.W) 30KG

What is the transmission of a lawn mower gearbox?

Since the transmission plays such an important role in handling speed, it’s also an important part of making sure your lawnmower has the right torque for the most challenging backyard conditions:
wet grass
muddy ground
Hills and slopes (we recommend not using a riding lawn mower on slopes over 15 degrees)
Obstacles such as narrow corners, roots, and trees
A lower gear might provide more traction, but not as fast, and vice versa. Also, different transmissions have different gear reduction ratios and different numbers of gears.

Gear Ratios of  lawn mower gearbox?


gear ratio is simply how many revolutions a driven gear will turn in relation to the main drive gear. In a low gear ratio of 3:1, for example, the driven gear will turn 3 times as much as the main gear providing increased torque but since it’s spinning 3 times as fast, the engine’s speed (RPM) will quickly max out.
Oppositely a 1:3 gear ratio will turn at a third of revolutions of the input gear, thus providing less torque, but increasing the ability of the engine to spin slower to maintain a higher rate of speed.

Transmission Types

There are 4 basic types of transmissions:

  • Manual Transmissions are found on sports cars and older lawn tractors. The gears are manually selected using a lever and clutch. Users report a responsive, more immediate feeling of power.
  • Hydrostatic Transmissions (also known as automatic transmissions) use hydraulic fluid to shift gears automatically. These are the most common type of transmission on the market. They are relatively easy to maintain and provide a good mix of responsiveness and ease of use.
  • Friction-Disc Transmissions are mainly used on small power equipment. They have a spinning disc with a movable wheel on top. Just like a record player, as the wheel moves across the disc from the center, it creates varying degrees of speed and torque. They’re inexpensive but require more maintenance. Users sometimes report lurching and jerky-ness while operating the shifters.
  • CVT Transmissions, or continuously-variable transmissions, are becoming more common. They employ a metal band sandwiched between 2 cone-shaped pullies that alter their diameters and thus their gear ratios. Users often report a ‘rubber-band’ effect after revving the engine, in which the power sent to the wheels feels delayed. The chief benefit is that the transmission is always in the ‘best’ gear ratio for the given power demand.

We Also Supply PTO Shafts

If you also need the PTO axis, click here:

Customized service of agricultural gearbox

Our Gearbox has many items for your choice and we can produce as per your drawing or sample to meet your special request

1. Large output torque
2. Safe, reliable, economical, and durable
3. Stable transmission, quiet operation
4. High carrying ability
5. High modularization design, may equip with various outer power inputs conveniently. The same machine type may equip with various power motors. It is easy to realize the combination and junction between every machine type
6. Transmission ratio: Fine division, wide scope. The combined machine type may form a very large transmission ratio, i. E. Output very low rotary speed.
7. Form of installation: The position to be installed is not limited.
8. High strength, compact the box body of high strength cast iron, gear and gear shaft adopt the gas carbonization, quenching, and fine grinding process, therefore the bearing capacity of unit volume is high.
9. Long life: Under the condition of the correct type chosen(including choosing suitable operation parament ) normal operation and maintenance, the life of the main parts speed reducer(except wearing parts)should not be less than 20000 hours. The wearing parts include lubricating oil, oil seal, and bearing.
10. Low noise: Because the main parts of the speed reducer are processed, and tested critically, therefore the noise of the speed reducer is low.
11. Our gearbox has reached the advanced international level and can replace the same kind of products imported.

  • Durable Protection: Fits most light-duty rotary cutters that require shear pin protection, and includes 5 replacement shear bolts to add to your rotary kit.
  • Fits Models: RD5, RD6, RZ160, RZ60 – Gearbox Assembly P/N 00786192. Razorback Series BH4, BH5, BH6, BH4-2, BH5-2, BH6-2. BMB 1080, BMB 10300, Hardee C1378, Mohawk 14-500, Rhino 0711050100, Rhino 71105, Omni 250123, Omni 250001, SE Big Ox 1970, Sidewinder 26272, and Others
  • Industry-standard 1-3/8″ smooth diameter input shaft with 1/2″ shear bolt hole and retaining ring groove and 1.57″ diameter 12 tapered spline output shaft allow fitment to most light, standard, and medium-duty rotary cutters.
  • 1:1.47 Ratio for use on 5′ and larger diameter rotary cutters
  • Each gearbox features high-speed ball bearing units and heat-treated gears and shafts to ensure long life. Four-bolt mounting matches industry standards. Each gearbox includes a blade carrier mounting nut and cotter pin. Gearboxes are shipped dry and require 16 ounces of 90W or 85w140 gearlube or equivalent.

Other Agricultural Gearboxes

Agricultural Gearbox Production Workshop

Hangzhou Ever-power Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. The company is located in Zhejiang Hangzhou, with 90 employees, an area of 3800 meters, and an annual output value of 40 million yuan. The company is committed to the R & D, manufacturing, and personnel training of various gearboxes, reducers, and construction machinery, including spiral bevel gearbox, spur gearbox, worm gearbox, and cylindrical gearbox. It also includes a variety of high-pressure cast valve body and shell products. Its products are used in various applications, such as agricultural mowers, snow sweepers, fertilizer applicators, grain conveyors, industrial equipment, oil mining machinery, marine industrial equipment, and engineering hydraulic components. More than 95% of its products are exported to Europe, the United States, and Australia. Asia and Canada. The company has strong technology and R & D capabilities, produces reliable and high-quality products, pursues a unique business philosophy and enjoys a high reputation in the manufacturing industry. Welcome to contact us by phone or email.

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